About Us

Yolonda Walker

Yolanda Walker joined Yalonda Naylor and Transitional Health in 2016 while leading the H.E.A.L Program at Come As You Are Community Church. Ms. Naylor thought it was a brilliant idea to incorporate some low impact exercise classes with the H.E.A.L program. Ms. Walker ended up leading those classes, which were well attended weekly. The two “Yolandas” have been working together in the community doing workshops and presentations every since. Ms. Walker is passionate about health and wellness. She loves to put information in the atmosphere that challenges people to think logically and about what really makes sense. She wants people, especially women, to be able to live their best lives by feeling good from the inside out, by being free from disease and illness, by being mobile and by being in the healthiest state possible. Her motto is “Be Well, Live Well.” . 

Yalonda Naylor

Yalonda Naylor is passionate about improving people's lives through nutrition, activity and mindfulness. She is a certified fitness nutrition specialist and youth exercise specialist through the National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM), and served as a medical specialist in the U.S. Army and Indiana Army National Guard. Her military medical background helped her make sense of the cardiovascular, muscular and skeleton systems along with basic digestive and range-of-motion functions. In her youth, Naylor was a star athlete, helping Snider High School win the first girls basketball state championship. She once asked her coach why he didn't usually eat when they were on road trips. He answered, "I eat for a purpose, not just because." She didn't understand the significance of that advice until she was an adult facing personal health challenges. Now she's an author, speaker and founder of Transitional Health Inc. working alongside Yolanda Walker, offering health and wellness consulting.